How to win the BuyBox

The BuyBox refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can add items for purchase to their cart.⁠

Since only one seller at a time can get the BuyBox, if there is more than one seller offering the same product, the BuyBox will rotate between all the sellers with the lowest prices.

82% of Amazon sales go through the BuyBox so you have to set strategies in place to win it as often as possible.⁠



How to win the BuyBox

These are the factors that allows you to win the BuyBox:⁠

Professional seller⁠

You must have a professional seller account. Individual accounts are not BuyBox eligible.⁠

New Item⁠

Only products in New condition are eligible for the BuyBox.⁠


You must have products in your inventory.⁠

Competitive Price⁠

Your price must be competitive with the lowest price. Usually price competitiveness ranges between 2% and 5%, so your price can be slightly higher and still be BuyBox eligible.⁠


If you offer your products using Amazon FBA, your chances to win the BuyBox are higher.⁠

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