How to Find Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon


The act of purchasing goods from online merchants with the sole purpose of reselling them for a profit on another online marketplace, such as Amazon, is known as Online Arbitrage.

You can employ a variety of techniques to identify profitable products.

How to Use Sales Data to Find Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon

You can check Amazon Best Seller Rank to determine what products are well-liked and profitable. Using an Amazon keyword research tool is another option for locating products with a high demand and low competition.

To identify a variety of profitable products, take into account product keywords, profit margins, product demand, and competitor research. Select items that are lightweight, quick to ship, profitable, have a strong brand potential, are well-received by customers, have a low return rate, and sell quickly. 

How to Find Online Arbitrage Deals to Resell on Amazon Using Retail Store Websites

A large variety of products are available on retail store websites that you can resell on Amazon.

Here’s some advice that you should consider when using retail store websites:

  1. Check out the clearance department for products that are being sold at a discount.
  2. Look for seasonal products: After the season has passed, retail stores frequently sell seasonal merchandise for a lower price. For instance, you may purchase discounted Christmas decorations after Christmas and resell them the following year.
  3. Think about the shipping cost before making a purchase from a retail store website. On some websites, you can get free shipping under certain conditions.
  4. Look at the return policy: Before making a purchase, make sure to review the return policy on the retailer’s website.

How to use Online Arbitrage Software to Find Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon

You may use Actorio to identify profitable products. Actorio is the best solution for product sourcing that swiftly identifies valuable items from hundreds of internet stores. Set your product requirements, then let Actorio handle the rest. Your desired profit, current selling price, ROI, profit margin, and many more metrics will all be displayed.

Other Online Arbitrage tools that you can use include Keepa, and CamelCamelCamel. By analysing sales information and price trends, these tools help you in identifying successful products.

How to Find Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon by Contacting Wholesalers

A wonderful strategy to get unique products at a reduced cost is to search on wholesalers’ price lists. 

The following hints can help you in identifying the best deals:

  1. Research: Find wholesalers that sell the products you are looking for by doing some research. You can start by browsing business directories for example.
  2. Evaluate: Once you have identified a few wholesalers who provide the items you are searching for, check their pricing lists. You may rapidly calculate how much profit you can make by using analysis tools like Actorio.
  3. Negotiate: Never be scared to bargain with wholesalers. If you purchase in large quantities or develop a lasting relationship with the wholesaler, you might be able to negotiate a cheaper price.

How to Find Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon Using Online Deal Sites

You can use online deal sites to identify profitable products to sell on Amazon for your Online Arbitrage business. These websites provide a variety of offers on various items that you may buy at a discount and resell on Amazon for a profit.

You can create an account on these websites and go through the offers. To find products that are appropriate for your business, you may filter by category or keyword. When you see a deal you are interested in, you may study the product on Amazon to determine whether there is a market for it and whether it is selling well.

Actorio or a third-party Amazon price software can then be used to check item UPC codes and compare them to the most recent Amazon product listings for that item.

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