How to use Keepa for Sourcing Amazon FBA Products


What is Keepa

Keepa is the best tool you can use to analyze historical data of any product on Amazon. If you learn how to read a Keepa Chart, you can use it to check price and rank history and make better buying decisions.

Keepa Chart Analysis

It probably happened that you bought a product having good sales rank and potential profit, but once you send it to an Amazon FBA warehouse, things have changed. Maybe the Buy Box is now way lower than before and you can’t make any profit? Or maybe the sales rank has changed and nobody wants to buy your product anymore.

The key to avoid such expensive mistakes is to understand the product historical data other than just the current situation.

By analyzing historical data of a product you can avoid expensive mistakes and better select successful products that you can sell on amazon for a profit.

What Info are Displayed on a Keepa Chart

On the right side of every Keepa Graph you can select which information to display on screen. These are the most relevant:

Keepa menu
  • Amazon Price
    If Amazon is in the listing, you’ll see an orange area that shows you the historical price offered by Amazon
  • Buy Box Price
    The pink line represents the historical Buy Box price. It represents the price that most likely Amazon customers are going to pay for that product
  • New, 3rd Party FBM
    The little blue squares represents the price offered by FBM sellers (including shipping costs) for the product in New condition
  • New , 3rd Party FBA
    The little orange triangles represents the price offered by FBM sellers (including shipping costs) for the product in New condition
  • Sales Rank
    Sales Rank of a product is displayed using a green line and it is an important info to determine how many units a product sells on Amazon
  • New Offer Count
    The number of sellers in the listing offering the product in New condition

How to Read a Keepa Chart

Thanks to Keepa you can collect a lot of info about the historical trends of a product on Amazon. Here’s the most interesting:

  • Amazon in the listing
    By tracking the orange area on the Keepa Graph, you can check how often Amazon is actively in the listing for a certain product and the price being offered. You can sell your product at an higher price when Amazon is out-of-stock.
  • Price Stability
    By checking the pink Buy Box line, you can have an indication of the price trend for a given product. If the pink line changes a lot, then it’s going to be more difficult to assess at which price you can offer your products. Sometimes it can be useful to assess your expected profit taking into account the lowest Buy Box value during the last month.
  • Sales Velocity
    By tracking the green line, you can have an idea of the sales velocity of a certain product. A value close to zero means that the product is selling many units every month. A constantly increasing value, means that the product is not selling and you should be more careful when purchasing it.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Keepa is a great source of information to get to know more about your competitors. How many of them you have to fight to win the Buy Box? Every Keepa Chart gives you valuable insights about the number of sellers over time and the price they offered. You can also have an idea of the price trend for both FBM and FBA sellers.

Keepa Graph Analysis using Actorio

Keepa Graph Analysis is an important step of Online Arbitrage product sourcing process. That´s why on Actorio you can quickly access Keepa Graphs for each product and easily analyze their historical data.

Keepa Graph Analysis using Actorio
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